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Trying to Take Back Control

When I got my part time job five years ago it was to help pay the bills. Ah, the very meaning of life, money. It was meant to be temporary while I worked on my writing and got my career as an author off the ground. Now here I am 5 years later and working full time. I hate it. My writing is suffering and it's the heart of my depression. This needs to change. I need to find a way to take back my life, immerse myself in writing like I used to do. Because working my FT gig is not my dream.

Writing is.

Today I finished up a round of edits and a galley proof (that it turns out they got the title of my story wrong). Now I'm trying to finally finish up The Christmas Foal. Fingers crossed I can get it sent out again tonight. I've sent a few horror shorts out, those calls close at the end of the month. Let's see how that goes...

I've got so much work sitting on the desk waiting to be finished. Stories to be done by the 15th of August, one of which needs to be 15,000 words. E…