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It's that time of the year again, Turkey Day. Otherwise known as the day I stuff myself silly and actually get to see my brother. And as everyone else does I think about the things I am most thankful for on this day (though trust me, it doesn't hurt to do that any other day of the week). This year, however, I have to admit to being somewhat low while still trying to enjoy the blessings. This year I thought I was going to have something extra special to be thankful for, but instead that something special has left me...confused. Torn up. Sad.

The holidays are an emotionally charged time for me and I suppose even more so this year. Depression still has a horrible stigma attached to it; which is a shame. People suffer. Some of them in silent. So definitely remember to reach out, to let your loved ones know how much you need them in your life, etc. And never underestimate the little gestures, they can mean the whole world.

Book Tour

The first review (that I'm aware of) for the Love in a Uniform anthology has come out. My story is titled Let it Hurt. For this one I decided to go emotional, as pointed out by the reviewer.

"Whew…heavy and emotional. We do get a great ending but it hurt a little to get there."

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I took the above picture early this morning. First snow of the season. And though it was beautiful it also made me cry. It took me swiftly down memory lane (to be fair the memories aren't that distant) and the fragile pieces of my heart began to fall apart again. I have been in an emotional place these last two or three weeks and I suspect it'll linger through the holidays.

There's a story here, trust me, and it's one I am hoping to eventually get written up as a novel. Most likely while listening to a lot of Adele, since her music makes for a great emotional soundtrack. At present I'm just trying to get all my ducks in a row, make sure I can go forth with the project. Wouldn't want to get the whole thing written up and find out I wasted my time, what good would that do?

And when it comes to'll understand why the snow makes me cry.

Another Development

And now I'm officially on GoodReads. This is all quite exciting. Minor things, mind you, but exciting to me! Making dreams come true, baby. Also, I'm waiting (rather impatiently) for the print form of two anthologies to come in the mail. Cowboy Roundup by JMS Books and Haunted Hotties volume 1 by Torquere Press are both available in actual hold-in-your-hands-print form. And I can't wait for my copies to get here! I'm sure holding one of my stories in a physical book will be as awesome as Totally Bound creating my first book cover.

Upcoming Release

Yay! And yes, I'm getting the typo fixed.

For the Love of Writing

I've been trying to think of something to write for days, but my mind has been so very faraway. One idea was to do a lengthy blog musing on the subject of love, scrap that. Instead I suppose I can ramble on about stories.

Today my newest short story, Let It Hurt, was released through Torquere Press. Yay! I have at least one more coming out via them this year and hopefully I can sell them a couple more. There are a few other stories being released in the next two months from various publishers; very excited! And I eagerly await word on a series I submitted.

Currently I'm working on a twisted fairytale and following that up with a mixed race couple. Also knee deep in a very emotional novel that I will (fingers crossed) have done super quickly.

Later this afternoon, into the evening, I will sit down with a treat, curled up on the couch with my fuzzy companions, and work on some outlines.

It hasn't been the greatest week so I've taken to burying myself in writing projects.…