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Oh, it's been almost a month since my last post! Sorry! The task of writing has kept me fairly busy and I finally found some time to sneak in an update. Of course, there have been other things going on besides putting words on paper (the screen?). There has been a deal of hurt caused by the betrayal of a friend, feeling let down by my brother, and the passing of a horse I worked with briefly (what a sad story!). But through it all I managed to keep some form of sanity by retreating into my writing.

Now I'm not quite sure how it happened by I only put out 2 stories in March. Weird. I could have sworn I wrote more than that! Did the month really just go by so fast I was unable to get more work done? Who knows. Maybe I'm forgetting something?

I've been trying to keep track of the word count for each month along with the stories sent out on submission. Here's the breakdown.

January - 11,268 words/5 stories (none published, mostly for contests and 4 didn't make the c…