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What I Want

The other day it came up in conversation that someone had gone to school for a subject, graduated, all that jazz, only to now be unsure if that's what they want. I suppose that actually happens a lot.

For more than a decade I have been chasing the same dream; to be a published author. I want to find my books on the shelves of bookstores. If one of them happens to get turned into a movie, even just on TV, that would be ultimately awesome. Even better, the fame of JK Rowling with the career of Stephen King. Hey, I'm writer, don't blame me for letting my imagination go crazy!! Honestly, though, if I can just support myself with my writing I'll be exceptionally happy.

Now, in regards to doing something and finding out it's not what you want...Even with all the paperwork (author info, book info, marketing, etc), contracts, edits, and whatnot I can still say wholeheartedly that being a writer is what I want. Yes, I'm aware that should things work out I will have book…

A New Journey

Welcome! I have been toying with the idea of starting a proper blog to share my experiences as a writer with other people. Of course, this blog won't be ultra fabulous because I'm not Stephen King or JK Rowling or any one of those other fancy-schmancy big named authors. I'm just little ole me and have basically only started in the writing world.

Actually, I've been toiling away for more than a decade on this dream, dealing with the crushing downs and the ultra cool highs. My first story was published back in 2013, sold to a small press and available only as an ebook. Grave Appeal, my first ever attempt at writing romance and go figure, it landed me a sale! My close friends know that writing romance was never really in my cards, I'm more an urban fantasy kind of girl, but it seems I have a knack for the romantic genre. Since the selling of that one wee story I have published 12 others with 6 different publishers.

Okay, to be fair, some of them aren't out yet as …