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Update on my 2016 Goals

So here's an update of my 2016 writing goals.

Write More
I suppose you could say I've been good at keeping to this one. So I shall keep going!Publish More
So the goal behind this was to publish more than I did last year. In 2015 I sold 13 stories. As it stands right now I've contracted 8 stories and it's only May! So I think I am right on track to crossing this one off the list!Write 52 Stories
17 down, 35 more to go.Two Months = One Novel
Yeah, let's just say this one hasn't been working out for me. But I have a fresh idea that might help me get a couple novels written this year.Two Months = One Novella
I've written quite a few novelettes.  But I guess this hasn't been accomplished either.Publish 1 Story in Another Genre
Success!! The contract has been signed.Publish My First Novel
Haven't done this either...Review 20 Stories
I've done at least one. I have just been so busy writing. Definitely need to start getting into the habit of reviewing a book as …


I'm terrible at remembering things sometimes. This should have been included in my last post, but then again, maybe I should start doing individual posts for released stories. Ah, there's an idea!

So out now, just recently released into the world, is my short story Hardwood. Another gay romance from the wonderful publishers over at JMS. The inspiration was mostly my own Construction Guy and the fact that I've fallen in love with "Property Brothers". You should definitely pick up a copy.

And a wee side note on a different story... All but 1 story from January were rejected and I finally got word on the remaining piece. They wish to hold onto it a little longer for further consideration. Of course I said yes. This could be my first non-romance publication. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

Chasing a Heart's Desire

Yet again time has slipped away from me and I find myself lax in keeping this blog up-to-date. Such is life when you're stuck working a day job at 40+ hours a week. But this isn't a place for me to vent about my unhappiness there, this is for writing! Lots and lots of delicious writing. Which is another reason why I haven't been here. So where do I start on what has been going 'round my end of the keyboard?

I may have put out only 2 stories in March, but able to shove 8 out the door in April. To be fair, 4 were old pieces that I hoped to find homes for. No such luck. 3 of them I have no word on and 1 has sold. So for April I managed to get out 21,867 words. Definitely not a shabby way to spend the month of April. One of the pieces that went out was A Rescued Heart. Finally. Only took me forever to see it done. Fingers crossed! Selling it would officially make it my longest piece. Unless of course I manage to finish The Christmas Foal and sell it first.

My sold count is…