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A Time to Write

I did it. Very early Tuesday morning I packaged up all the lovely documents required to send in The Christmas Foal. The manuscript, the series outline, the synopsis (have I mentioned how much I hate writing these??). Now comes the long (impatient) wait for an answer. The editor I work with at the publisher was previously interested if I lengthened the story to 30k and added a 6th book to the series, both of which I have done. So here's to hoping... Fingers crossed!

This is officially available for purchase, make sure you get a copy. All the proceeds go to charity.
Love is Proud

Now I've got to get out Boots & Spurs, Promised and Paid For all by the 15th. Most excellent. And also get at least 2 chapters more done on my novel.

Alas, this morning I was turned down for one of my horror stories. Feeling a bit upset about that since I would like very much to branch out further from romance. I'll keep hoping for the others I've sent out.

Oh, and if you haven't checked …