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Counting the Days

Maybe it's just my job but the days seem to be going by much too quickly and I haven't yet covered the ground I hoped to with my writing. I keep promising myself that I will be more disciplined, focused, get the work done in a timely manner, and instead I wind up spending my down time relaxing. Such is the pitfall of working so many hours.

I wanted to have Leaving Hoof Prints done by now. Thanks to my mom I have a printed copy of the novel to read at my leisure; which hasn't yet happened, though I've figured out how to change the opening. That counts as progress, right? Never mind the fact I haven't yet actually written the new opening sequence. It'll happen!

At present I am seeking to finish a 10,000 words short story with a quickly followed up 5,000 words short story. Both gay romance.

There are two pieces that need to be done in March. One of them is a highly anticipated (at least on my part) new Samuel and Flynn story. Just need to find the perfect "si…

Getting Horribly Lost

I really don't know where to start this blog. My mind is so tired all the time and I can't seem to keep my thoughts focused. Everything has changed since taking on a new-ish position at work. As I feared my writing has gone drastically downhill. Some days I barely get any writing done and on others it's completely non-existent. Is it possible that my dream is slowly slipping out of my grasp?

When I am at the day job all I can think about is writing and how I can't wait to have free time so that I can do it. But when the free time rolls around there are other tasks that need tending or I'm just mentally tired. My brain is constantly on the go, a computer that never sleeps. Just about any desire to write has slowly seeped out of me during the course of the day.

Am I losing it?

Is the passion I once held for my writing, for my desire to be an author fading?

Part of me thought getting a planner would help in some way, though aside from watching deadlines come screaming…