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My story, A Spark in the Shadows, is featured in this wonderful collection put out by Wayward Ink Publishing. It's my second story (if my memory recalls correctly) with them and I'm so pleased to continue working with them (I have edits!). They're an amazing publisher, friendly, and always pleasant to work with.

Now, as to the story, it's a lovely little supernatural piece about the werewolf Warden and his intriguing hot boyfriend (and criminal!) Tate. I'm very pleased to report that it has been getting great reviews; which has helped to make this depressing holiday season a bit cheerier. Here are a few of my favorites...

"This was one paranormal tale I just devoured. Warden and Tate make such an odd pair, you can’t help but fall under their spell. What would generally be characters fighting on opposing sides find their way to each other through a dark and mysterious world of supernaturals. Its a story about finding love, but above all, finding a home." E…

Time Lost

Unfortunately, I've been down and out for little over a week now thanks to a bad back. It seems I may have been suffering from sciatica. The pain has been terrible and for the most part I've been laying on the couch trying to find some comfort. So there hasn't been much in the way of writing. Crap. Now I'm behind on my schedule.

Hoping to get a lot of pieces done before the end of 2015 so that I can finish the year strong. Keeping my fingers crossed that I manage to accomplish a short list of projects. Especially since a number of them have to be done by the end of the month anyway.

Yeah, it's going to be crush time! The next 4 days are going to be filled with writing, wrapping gifts, baking, and working. Good thing I get to relax on Christmas.

In other news...

I have received some edits for Kiss of the South and The Tailor. Need to get those done and out the door as soon as possible, too. So there is definitely lots to get done. Keeping my fingers crossed that I w…

Goals and Accomplishments

The holiday season keeps me fairly busy, though I suppose it's that way with just about everyone else. There is just so much to do. My only issue is the serious lack of snow this winter. I've always been a cold weather kind of gal and while others may be enjoying the mild temps this December, I am most definitely not! There have also been a few snags with the decorating, between not having a tree (thanks to a friend we do have one now!) and the weather damaging my outdoor pieces.

My back is a big problem right now, too, which makes writing an easy go-to task. Like this girl needs more reasons to write!

Speaking of which, I would like to pay an excited thank you to both Wayward Ink and Bold Stroke Books for purchasing short stories from me this month. Wayward Ink is an incredible publisher and I love working with them. I look forward to working with Bold Stroke for the first time; the cover for their anthology is one I definitely love.

As I go along this journey to being an aut…