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Goodbye January, Hello February

How is that a month of 2017 has already gone by? When did that happen? It was an interesting 31 days that included going to the movies, getting sick, arguing with my boss (I'm sure she hates my guts, whatever), and lots of writing. Unfortunately, there wasn't much in the way of snow. This girl is still waiting for her first blizzard. Of course, the highlight of the month was my interview with USA Today's Happily Ever After blog. Yay! And then I got some tweets and mentions by Sinfully Gay Romance Reviews; which was equally as awesome. Here's to hoping that both of them help out my sales and in building my name.

So how did January go for me? (I'm going to try a new set-up here...)

January's Writing in Review

The month didn't start off with much promise. I was sick and that put me behind, plus a lifestyle change left me fairly tired. That left me scrambling the last two weeks or so to get my work done by deadlines. But I learned I was up to the task if I focus…