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New Opportunities, Renewed Determination

Thanks to one of my publishers, JMS Books (JM is totally awesome!), I have found my way to Coffee Time Romance & More. They have such great opportunities and I'm looking forward to exploring their website more. You should take a moment to check them out.

Last month my brother took me ghost-hunting. Talk about a fantastic experience! We went for the VIP trip; which might have made it even better. While there I had the fortune to meet the acquaintance of a man who may be a big help in regards to my writing. Definitely excited about that! Also, if you've never gone ghost hunting, you definitely should! The Odyssey Paranormal Society is amazing, great hosts, and I will hopefully get the chance to investigate with them again in the future. We spent that weekend at Edinburgh Manor, a former asylum out in Iowa. Loved it, and yeah, it gave me a few ideas.

Now I know that I've been gone a for a while, but I'm trying to get back into the groove of things. I'm also intere…