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Brief Word Count

I have been doing relatively poorly so please excuse me for my lack of updates. Ugh. I'm also way behind on my word goals for the month. Maybe putting it down here for everyone to read will kick me in the patootie and make me accountable for my procrastination!

Born of Stars - 8990/85,000
This one has grown by nearly 4,000 words, so I suppose that isn't too shabby.In His Arms - 5,587/70,000
I need to do work on this!Feather - 0/70,000
Yeah...haven't done a thing. Oops.In The Shadow of Trees - 2,721/70,000
Hey, at least it's a start!
And for the novellas...
Summer Loving - 10,796/30,000
Yay! A third of the way to the intended goal.Alice - 0/15,000
Yep, another one I've slacked off on. And I think it needs a new name.Cowboy Music - 0/25,000
I really need to bust my butt on this one because it actually has a deadline. For the end of the month.Like He Does - 1,201/10,000
Decent progress. Just need to make some changes and get back to it.