Update on my 2016 Goals

So here's an update of my 2016 writing goals.

  1. Write More
    I suppose you could say I've been good at keeping to this one. So I shall keep going!
  2. Publish More
    So the goal behind this was to publish more than I did last year. In 2015 I sold 13 stories. As it stands right now I've contracted 8 stories and it's only May! So I think I am right on track to crossing this one off the list!
  3. Write 52 Stories
    17 down, 35 more to go.
  4. Two Months = One Novel
    Yeah, let's just say this one hasn't been working out for me. But I have a fresh idea that might help me get a couple novels written this year.
  5. Two Months = One Novella
    I've written quite a few novelettes.  But I guess this hasn't been accomplished either.
  6. Publish 1 Story in Another Genre
    Success!! The contract has been signed.
  7. Publish My First Novel
    Haven't done this either...
  8. Review 20 Stories
    I've done at least one. I have just been so busy writing. Definitely need to start getting into the habit of reviewing a book as soon as I finish reading it.


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