Kisses, Holidays and Stories to Be

As you can see I've changed the header to promote my newest story. 😁 Consider me ever so pleased to inform you of the soon-to-be available A Christmas Kiss, the first in the Sugarbush Series to be published by Totally Bound. Yes, you read that right. Series! I'm so excited. It'll be composed of 6 novellas that follow Clara and Asher and the townies of Sugarbush. Make sure to get your copy of A Christmas Kiss when it comes out. You don't want to miss the beginning of this lovely series.

On that same front, A Gargoyle Christmas will be out before too long and it wraps up the quartet of novellas featuring Io and Cinder. The publisher will be compiling all 4 stories into a paperback to be titled Blackstone Manor; which you can get in print. How exciting is that?? I can't wait to get my author copies. Make sure you get this!! Also, from the same publisher I have a lovely holiday story coming out titled Love Speaks. Go buy that one, too. I'll make sure to post the links when they're available.

Going in line with my gargoyles, I got this most awesome, epic, wonderful, totally mind blowing review. Blackstone Manor: Promised review

Things have changed at work so I've been more social than usual and as an introvert it has been relatively tiring. Needless to say this has impacted my writing to some degree. Yeah, that translates into woefully behind in getting projects done. Thankfully, I don't have many impending deadlines so I've been trying to work on projects that had been set aside. Like finishing my romance novel, Leaving Hoof Prints. I've got to add about 25,000 to it for it to be done. Yes, I set it aside when it was that close to being done! I chickened out. Finishing a novel has terrified me so I need to conquer that and get the book out the door! I can do this!

I'm working on a group of 6 stories, and should this work out properly I will continue to do this for my schedule. That being said, I hope to have 3 of the stories done by the end of November; which of course means I need to get my ass out of this writing slump and start kicking butt!

If all goes well I should be kissing goodbye to Leaving Hoof Prints, Painted Petals, and Glass Bottom. Two romance pieces and a horror. Fingers crossed!

2017 will be my year! I swear...


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