For the Love of Writing

I've been trying to think of something to write for days, but my mind has been so very faraway. One idea was to do a lengthy blog musing on the subject of love, scrap that. Instead I suppose I can ramble on about stories.

Today my newest short story, Let It Hurt, was released through Torquere Press. Yay! I have at least one more coming out via them this year and hopefully I can sell them a couple more. There are a few other stories being released in the next two months from various publishers; very excited! And I eagerly await word on a series I submitted.

Currently I'm working on a twisted fairytale and following that up with a mixed race couple. Also knee deep in a very emotional novel that I will (fingers crossed) have done super quickly.

Later this afternoon, into the evening, I will sit down with a treat, curled up on the couch with my fuzzy companions, and work on some outlines.

It hasn't been the greatest week so I've taken to burying myself in writing projects. At least I feel very driven to get stories written and out the door!


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