I took the above picture early this morning. First snow of the season. And though it was beautiful it also made me cry. It took me swiftly down memory lane (to be fair the memories aren't that distant) and the fragile pieces of my heart began to fall apart again. I have been in an emotional place these last two or three weeks and I suspect it'll linger through the holidays.

There's a story here, trust me, and it's one I am hoping to eventually get written up as a novel. Most likely while listening to a lot of Adele, since her music makes for a great emotional soundtrack. At present I'm just trying to get all my ducks in a row, make sure I can go forth with the project. Wouldn't want to get the whole thing written up and find out I wasted my time, what good would that do?

And when it comes to be...you'll understand why the snow makes me cry.


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