It's that time of the year again, Turkey Day. Otherwise known as the day I stuff myself silly and actually get to see my brother. And as everyone else does I think about the things I am most thankful for on this day (though trust me, it doesn't hurt to do that any other day of the week). This year, however, I have to admit to being somewhat low while still trying to enjoy the blessings. This year I thought I was going to have something extra special to be thankful for, but instead that something special has left me...confused. Torn up. Sad.

The holidays are an emotionally charged time for me and I suppose even more so this year. Depression still has a horrible stigma attached to it; which is a shame. People suffer. Some of them in silent. So definitely remember to reach out, to let your loved ones know how much you need them in your life, etc. And never underestimate the little gestures, they can mean the whole world.


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