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A new anthology!!

Yes, I'm excited to announce the release date of the next anthology featuring one of my short stories. When the Sun Shines is another M/M story. A beautiful, sweet piece inspired by a recent bout of depression.

I have been considering doing a give away, but am not sure what I would be offering. Actually, strike that, I do have an idea, just need to send an email or two to get some things sorted out. I'll keep you in the loop!

On the writing front, I have started a rewrite of a short story/novelette I sent to one of my publishers. They made me an offer and it is definitely something I am very excited about. As usual, I'm trying to stay mostly hush-hush about it until the situation is more concrete. Let's just say it will be awesome! And I've gotten back to my romance novel, Leaving Hoof Prints, and hopefully it'll end up being the first novel done this year. As always, I've got a considerable amount of projects lined up and ready to go. Just need more time! Or at least to figure out how to get in as much writing as possible with my new schedule.

Also, a new goal to add to the 2016 list.
  • Review at least 20 books
One can already be checked off the list!


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