Staying Warm

I live in a northern Midwestern state and the last few days have been single digit cold, if not colder. So of course it makes sense that I would stay inside as much as possible to get some writing done. I'm making great progress on my novelette-turned-novella. My intended word goal is a minimum of 30,000 words and right now it stands at just over 6,000 words. Hopefully I can double that by the end of the week.

I am also working on my romance novel, Leaving Hoof Prints. The intended word goal is 55-60k and it's just under 30,000 words. At present I'm doing a little editing, rewriting, reformatting, then I'll see about finishing off the story. Not sure if I want to make a series out of it, but perhaps...

Yesterday I enjoyed watching Murder She Baked: Peach Cobbler Murder, based on the book by Joanne Fluke. It's always a joy to watch Cameron Mathison and Alison Sweeney. And in my opinion Hallmark Channel is doing a great service to authors. Their Murders & Mysteries movies are all based on niche/cozy mystery series and I love every single one they've chosen thus far (even if I haven't read the books, sorry!). So of course there I sat yesterday dreaming about my various cozy mystery series ideas and how much fun it would be fun to have them turned into movies on Hallmark. Wouldn't that be grand? Some day.

Always dream big!! Shoot for the moon because even landing among the stars is worth it.

Oh, and my first giveaway is done. I had 4 people partake; which was a decent start. They all got a copy of the anthology of their choosing because I like sharing books. Hopefully they'll enjoy their chosen reads.


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